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Why Do I Crave Sugar?? And what can I do about it?

Sugar! Almost everything you love to indulge in has sugar in it! From bread, milk, chips,

Chick-fil-A battered chicken sandwiches, you name it, if it is processed, it probably has some for of simple sugar in it. Sugar does not only come in the form of the obvious, candy, cookie and cake forms. It comes in the form of juices, soda, pasta and other flour products. Sugar affects the brain and be chemically addictive. Because of the addictive factor, you may experience withdrawals symptoms when weaning yourself off of sugar. It's time to beat the sugar cravings, lose weight AND feel better!

Why Do I Crave Sugar???

There could be a few reasons why you crave sugar on a regular basis. You could have unbalanced blood sugar levels, dealing with stress, not getting enough sleep, or lacking enough of the right nutrients.

Stress causes the hormone cortisol to flood your body, releasing glucose from your liver, which in turn raises your blood sugar. Fluctuations in blood sugar can cause cravings. Poor sleep also can trigger excess eating, including increased sugar consumption.

When I speak to many of my friends and clients, I notice that eating sweets has seemed to stem mostly form habit. Many children are often pacified by sugar. As adults people tend to continue to pacify themselves with sugar, but with more devastating impact on their health.

Find another way to manage your stress, boredom and emotions than reaching for a sugar filled product.

What Can I Eat Instead Of Sugar?

Washington Post contributor Author, Casey Seidenberg, explains why healthy protein and fats are the best choices to off-set sugar cravings......

Protein and fat are crucial to kicking a sugar habit. Unlike sugar, healthy fats and protein provide slow and steady forms of energy, more like a flat, newly paved road rather than that glucose-flavored roller coaster. When your body doesn't find sugar for fuel, it turns to fats, so eating plenty of healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oil can help your body adjust to getting its energy elsewhere.

Protein helps you feel satiated, which can reduce hunger and cravings, and many of the amino acids in protein help build the brain chemicals — such as dopamine — that make us feel good. When we feel balanced and energized, we are less likely to seek a sugar high.

Once the cravings subside, and you have reduced your sugar intake consistently, you may be able to include a little more sugar back in our diet, but at moderation. The suggested daily amount for women is 6 teaspoons/ 100 calories.

For more help with your nutrition and losing weight, contact me for consultation, a personalized nutrition plan or both!

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