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Body Goals For 2020

I don't make new year resolutions but I do think about something I want to experience, achieve, change or improve in my life for the upcoming year. As I age, I notice things about my body, face and overall health that I want to focus on.

My eyes: I need to get my eyes examined and get prescription readers. I have been putting it off for no good reason, so I am going to schedule an appointment early in the year. I am also going to ask my doctor about the dark circles underneath my eyes. Thank you God for concealer. They showed up about four years ago, and I'm not sure if it's due to eye strain, allergies, or something else. They age me, and I'm not having that!

Next, I want to play tennis. I learned as a child, but have been busy dancing and working out. I want to have a recreational way to get my cardio exercise in. I don't enjoy jogging, so tennis will keep my attention. So I will be seeking out friends who are willing to coach me!

Nutrition-wise, I want to curb my pasta addiction. As much as I love pasta, it is the main simple carb that I over consume. I don't eat many other sweets, and the flour in the pasta is my source of sugar. For me, it's not a weight gaining issue, but I realize that it may contribute to occasional yeast infections. I joke about being addicted to noodles, but it's real! I want to incorporate more potatoes into my nutrition plan, instead of pasta almost every day!

Body Goals are not just about losing weight....your body includes everything from head to toe, from the inside out.

Consider your body goals for 2020. It may be something as simple as I will go to aim to get more rest and sleep, by turning the television off earlier at night, or going to bed before 12 midnight on a weekday.

Or, it could be, I will eat more fruit, walk up more steps, go to the dentist, have ore enjoyable sex! ( You know I'm always going to mention that! LOL)

Whatever your 2020 Body Goals are, make them attainable and meaningful to YOU.

May your body rock into

and throughout the new year!

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