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Atlanta native, Jennifer Bell is a certified fitness trainer, life coach, licensed health and life insurance agent, and motivational speaker.

A seasoned performing artist, choreographer, and fitness professional, Jennifer has danced, choreographed, and instructed for a varied client base in the United States and abroad. She has contributed her creative and management skills to some of the greatest brands in the world. 


A two-time finalist for Ms. Fitness USA, Jennifer was a high-ranking fitness competitor who laid the physical and creative groundwork for future fitness and wellness-based initiatives. 


She now offers holistic approaches to her services to inspire and help others function better and thrive in their personal and professional lives. 

Full Biography

What's your story?

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, raised by middle-class parents. They groomed my older sister and me to be strong, poised, educated women with the ability to be as creative and ambitious as we felt lead. My foundation as a dancer, to visual artist, then to a fitness professional, and life coach has all been a journey of experiencing freedom, hard work, and challenges. All of those aspects have brought me to this place where I now strive to pass all I have learned and experienced to as many people as I possibly can. 

Why My Body Rocks®?

I first created My Body Rocks® as an affirmation for life. I believe that how your body moves, feels, thinks, and functions determines the quality of life you will live. 

Based on my personal growth and professional background, I understand the importance of living a healthy physical, emotional and financial life. My goal for My Body Rocks is to offer solutions so that others can function better and live longer healthier lives. 


How do you help your clients?

Being accessible to my clients is important, so so I make myself available in a variety of platforms to serve their most convenient preference:  

Safe, In-Person In-Home or

On-Location Meeting

Virtual Sessions and Classes
Via Phone/Video

Let's start with a Complimentary Meet & Greet Chat!

Career Affiliations

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