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Keep it moving, no matter what!


 One-On-One and Group Training

Lose Fat 

Gain Lean Muscle 

Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion 

Improve: Cardiovascular Endurance, Agility, Speed, Muscle Strength

Schedule a series of Private One-On-One Training Sessions

Book Mini Group Classes for your organization, friends, etc

In-Person Training 

Meet safely with your trainer in the convenience of your home/ neighborhood or at the semi-private, Covid regulated fitness center in Smyrna/Vinings, Atlanta.

All measures are taken to provide a sanitized experience with regularly cleaned equipment. 

6 feet distance and a mask will be a protocol for all trainers. 

Outdoor sessions are also an option, with mask- wearing and distancing will be adhered to by Trainer. 

Virtual Training

What better way to include fitness into your schedule than by being able to stay in the comfort of your home and train online? 

You will be able to use whatever equipment you have in your home, and your trainer will customize your program based on your resources and unique goals. 

Virtual training is an optimal way to stay or get in shape during times when meeting in person may not be safe or convenient. 

Fit Women
Group Training
Book Jennifer for your next Virtual or Safe, In-Person Fitness experience. 
Jennifer Bell is a certified Personal Trainer, Ms. Fitness USA Finalist, high school track athlete, and seasoned dancer and choreographer. Her experience and passion for helping others move more have allowed many to be positively impacted by her guidance. 
All of the following classes are great ways to engage, bond, and get in shape. And, imagine doing it with the support and in the company of your friends, coworkers, family members or sorors.
Flex & Flow - become more flexible, agile,
and improve your range of motion.
Cardio Groove - enjoy an energetic cardio dance class like 
Bell Bottom Workout - knock out stress, burn off fat in this low impact, high energy workout             
Body Blast- improve strength and stamina in a mixture of drills
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