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Personal Development Coaching

We all want to feel better, yet are often
out of emotional alignment. 

Private and Group Coaching 

Coaching provides a safe way in which you can address your specific problems.

You will be able to meet in person or virtually.

Together you will work with your personal life management coach to resolve your challenges with a specific plan of applications.


Coaching Areas for Personal and Professional Success:

Enhance emotional intelligence through increased self-awareness and the implementation of effective strategies for managing emotions.

Develop resilience and adaptability skills to effectively navigate trauma and life changes.

Foster self-confidence and cultivate a positive self-image, independent of external opinions.

Boost self-confidence by acknowledging and embracing your positive traits and strengths.

Cultivate body positivity and confidence in intimate relationships.

Acquire tools to enhance both personal and professional relationships.

Attain harmony and reduce stress through mindful lifestyle adjustments.

Beauty Models

Workshop, Webinar and Speaking Topics:

Workshops and speaking engagements may be conducted safely in person or virtually. 

Work/Life Harmony

Balance isn't realistic. Learn an orchestrated approach to personal and professional fulfillment. Find the benefits of knowing how to focus on life essentials at varying times of your life.  
Applying The Four Agreements

Author, Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs and providing the roadmap to enlightenment and freedom. Learn how to apply these four comprehensible principles to help you cope on a daily basis. 

Finding Resilience After Trauma

If you survived trauma, learn how to move forward with your life in state of gratitude, resilience, and fortitude.

Our Clients

Deirdre W.

She has mastered the art of instilling relaxation and evoking intensive self examination from her clients. It has been a priviledge to work with her. 

Monique M.

I needed to make some serious professional decisions and felt overwhelmed. Her coaching provided tools and strategies that helped me get clear and focused on my next steps. 

Sherry S.

Jennifer tends to tailor her coaching style to the client's needs and preference, which sets the stage for client success, whatever the challenge. 

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