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My Body Rocks

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

My body rocks because it's mine and I am responsible for it. I move in it. I sleep in it. I bathe in it. I worship in it. I work in it. I love in it! Your body rocks because of all of that and more!

The world has influenced us to believe what others say about us. Our opinion about ourselves is based on how others have described us. Our self-image is negative because we compare ourselves to others. We have self-limiting thoughts about how we look because we were told (fill in the blank)___________________. Our lack of comfort with our sexually being may be because of a past traumatic experience. For those women who can relate to any or all of the above conditions, your body rocks too!

Sometimes we just need someone to guide us towards being a more confident person.

My Body Rocks™ is a movement and community created to promote body appreciation and self-confidence in women. We want women of all ages to feel better about their bodies from the inside out. In a superficial world where many maintain the idea that 'looks are everything' , many women struggle with feeling proud of their God-given looks.

Negative body image is common, and unfortunately starts at a young age. Family, cultural, religious and societal influences have impacted the confidence of young girls. Some of those girls grow up to be insecure women. They may have negative ideas about their weight, certain body parts, hair, skin tone or facial features. Women across various cultures have lost a sense of their own authenticity and self- esteem in an attempt to look “acceptable” to others.

What woman doesn't want to be sure of herself and also attractive to others? She also wants to be taken seriously in the workplace and in life. My Body Rocks offers insight on how to become a confident woman who appreciates, protects, and nurtures her body without compromising who she is.

When you are confident you can be your authentic, creative self! An outwardly confident looking woman may not necessarily feel confident. She plays the role but may not be as secure as she appears.

An inwardly confident woman appreciates her God-given features. She knows how to enhance them and knows how to treat her body from head to toe, inside and out! She carries herself with grace and exudes a comfortable sense of self.

So if you're a woman, age 21 or older, My Body Rocks™ welcomes you to rock with us! Together we will explore, learn and share ways to achieve a healthy balance of confidence so you are at your secure, self-assured and sexy best.

Our Body Rockin' Topics:

* Body Awareness - Posture and Poise

* Grooming & Hygiene

* Sensuality and Pleasure

* Pampering and Self-Care

* Self-Defense

I'll go in to depth regarding each topic in the upcoming blog post!

Book For This Blog :

by Michelle McKinney Hammond

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