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Body Self-Consciousness

Do you like the way your body looks?

There are a variety of answers women will have for this question. My answer today is, "I have some issues with certain body parts but for the most part, I do like the way my body looks." I'm not crazy about my toe nails, would like to be a 34 B, hate the 5 year old new darkness under my eyes, and want to define my thigh muscles a little more.

Although I have some minor issues with my looks, I am confident and accepting of it. I only have so much control over it, but I enjoy the process of enhancing it where I can. I work out to enhance my muscles and stay lean. I keep my ugly brown toe nails polished. I will never have bigger breasts unless I pay for some. I accepted my membership into the Itty Bitty Titties Committee years ago. I enjoy wearing plunging necklines, and am okay with padded bras. Although I haven't met a man who doesn't like breasts, I have managed to attract them despite my small ones and because of other assets.

And yes, I actually enjoy looking at myself naked. I like seeing what looks good and where I can improve my muscle tone, dark spots on my skin, and checking on the crazy hair growth on my toes and areola. Yes, that may be too much information, but I am exposing myself because I have no shame in discussing my body parts.

Some of you may not have the most same responses about your body as I do.

Some of you may feel you are too chubby, or you like your butt, but not your flabby arms.

Or, you may think you are too skinny and would like more hips (or put some meat on your bones as our southern folk use to say!).

What you think about your body's appearance can negatively affect your self-confidence if you allow it. If you don't like the way your body looks and feel self-conscious about it, your behavior will reflect that. If you have allowed your insecurities about your body to affect your career, social or love life, it's time to change the way you feel about yourself.

Maybe these suggestions will help:

Assess what you do like....your hair, skin, feet, legs, breast, etc.

Enjoy enhancing or presenting those favorable features. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to expose your entire cleavage at work, or wear stage make up for the Saturday afternoon lunch date. Decide what makes you feel good and authentic. Some of you may have to step out of your comfort zone to do that if you are more accustomed to playing yourself down.

Admit what you are not so happy with.....

Is it something you can work on with nutrition improvement, grooming, fitness, or better wardrobe choices? Or, if there is something about your body that you don't like but can't change, how about accept it, and be a confident woman any way? Once you accept it, stop the negative talk about it....and move on!

When you are able to look at yourself and be accepting of what you see, it means that even though your body make not seem perfect in your eyes, you appreciate it and take care of it!

Your body is unique, and no matter it's possible physical limitations or imperfections, you owe it to yourself to love it.

I challenge you today to begin looking at your body as a miracle. Every body part serves a purpose, whether you think it is visually pleasant or not. It may not function like it once did, or it may be even better than when you were younger! If you have health or weight challenges I encourage you to do whatever you can to take better care of yourself. Change what you can, embrace what you can't and love it anyway!

Appreciate your unique God-given body and rock it!

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