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My First Love Set Me Free!

My First Love

I have been a dancer since age 6. I fell in love with dance and to this day, dance is as natural to me as breathing. I have this sense of freedom when dancing that nothing else brings. With movements being inspired by music, music then became my second heartbeat.Whether the music was playing on the radio or in my head, I danced everywhere I could. In the bathroom, the kitchen, my bedroom, and of course in dance classes, and recitals. My favorite place to dance was at home, in the family room with my older sister, mother, and father. On many Friday evenings, Daddy would pull out his favorite albums. He played mostly jazz albums, with the ones by Nina Simone being my favorite. I don't know how I looked dancing to " I'm Going Back Home", or "Brown Eyed Handsome Man", but I knew what partying was by age 7! I was so free and happy when I was dancing. I didn't think, I just felt.

I'm still that way. Although I no longer dance professionally, dancing still makes me happy. I find it extremely difficult to not dance when there's a good song on. No matter how fast or slow, I have to move something. Through the years, I have danced in classical ballet and modern dance performances. Socially, I love to dance to all genres of good music, especially House music. When I lived in New York, my friend Charles and I would go to the Garage at 12 midnight and leave around 4am in the morning. We could stay on the floor for an hour before taking a break! It didn't matter what we wore from a fashion point, we danced in something we could sweat in, and wore shoes that could handle our footwork.

Dance has allowed me to express myself without words. I feel free to move anyway I want when out socially and to also challenge my strength, stamina and ability when dancing as a professional performer. Because of dance, I am more confident in my skin than many. That doesn't mean I don't have body issues, but I am probably less ashamed of being seen naked than others! Yes, I said it, I like my body probably more without clothes than with them on.

Anyway, back to dance. I am grateful that dance helped set me free at an early age to feel confident. My hope is that anyone reading this, can find something, no matter your age, to help bring out the confident you that may be hiding within. No matter your weight or looks, it's up to you to feel vibrant, sexy and comfortable in your own skin.

How do you do it? Look at yourself and admire what's there that you do like. Even if it's just your big toe at first. Seriously, start with just one thing about your body or face that you like. This is not about being superficial, narcissistic, or vain. It's about you appreciating you before and more than anyone else does.

Dance was my first love and still makes me feel great and I thank dance for introducing me to my care free self! Can you find something that makes you feel free, and confident? Do you like tennis, walking long distances, kick boxing, swimming, yoga, dancing? This exploration may take you through a variety or activities before you find something that clicks, but I challenge you to find something active that keeps you inspired to express yourself and or motivated to feel strong. The reason I suggest you find an activity that involves using your body is so that you become more in tuned and aware of how it feels and functions.

Sex is another great physical way to find out more about yourself and to become more comfortable in your skin. This is a topic meant for an entirely different blog post! In the meantime, I encourage you to fall in love with something that makes you feel good about your body.

Enjoy the journey and feel free to let me know how your exploration is going by posting on the private My Body Rocks Group page. Just request membership access.

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